ROBYN PARLIN, 45, owns and operates Robyn’s Ice Cream, an ice cream truck she drives all over southern Maine. “This is the first time I’ve ever sold in December,” she said. “Children start getting out at 2:30 and sunset is at 4.”

Parlin says the kids, with “the smiles, those personalities,” are her favorite part of the job. “Every day’s a new adventure,” she said. “Each day I wonder what shocking thing I’ll hear come out of one of their mouths.  I absolutely love interacting and building relationships with them.” Oh, and also the music: “Just kidding!”

Parlin, of Portland, doesn’t like when drivers don’t slow down near the ice cream truck. “It’s just like a school bus, kids are running from all directions,” she said. “People need to use caution.”

Parlin says she’s heard of parents telling their kids that when the truck is playing music, that means it’s sold out of ice cream. But “they’ll get your number, it’s only a matter of time,” she said.