Our present president doesn’t seem to realize that he has escalated the environment of fear we now have in our country, the main fear being we will continue to be attacked from within by “radicals,” be they religious fanatics or just people who don’t know right from wrong. These wrongdoers are coming from other countries.

Our laws and regulations are not stopping them. Why? Has political correctness gone too far? Have our law enforcers become too complacent? Are we all looking the other way? Or are they being let in on purpose?

Next to my personal fear of radicals running me down or blowing up a building I’m in, my greatest fear is losing my representation as a citizen of these United States. Our present president has and will continue to use his “stroke of a pen” to get his own way and bypass the people of the United States.

We citizens of the U.S. need to wake up. Pay attention to the people we elect to represent us, because, in my opinion, they are not doing so. In order for the United States of America to remain a government by the people and for the people, please carefully and knowledgeably cast your votes.

Now a “stroke of the pen” is probably going to add more rules and regulations to our gun control laws (“Obama doubles down on gun regulations,” Jan. 4).

Much more helpful would be a “stroke of the pen” pronouncement to post in schools, post offices, town halls, capitol buildings, etc., and run in ads on TV, the Internet and everywhere possible, stating that it is illegal to kill; illegal to steal; illegal to hurt your neighbor and illegal to lie!

Barbara Britten

North Shapleigh