A Gray couple has been arrested on charges of operating a methamphetamine lab in Windham.

Windham police were responding to a report of a suspicious car Monday near 23 Tower Road when they found a box near the car that contained items used to make methamphetamines. A search of the car turned up ammonium nitrate and pseudoephedrine tablets, both of which are used to make the highly addictive and debilitating drug, a process that leaves behind a toxic sludge.

Police arrested Charles McNeice, 46, and Nicole Adams, 33. Police say McNeice and Adams had purchased the items a short time before they were discovered and McNeice was preparing to start the manufacturing process.

McNeice was out on bail from a previous charge of operating a methamphetamine lab in Oxford last year.

The incident was the first meth lab response in 2016 by the Maine Drug Enforcement Agency Clandestine Laboratory Enforcement Team. The team responded to 56 such incidents last year.