As parents sometimes do, Kim Lovley surprised her 9-year-old daughter, Ava, last week with some exciting news, and filmed her reaction.

“Guess what we’re going to do Monday,” Kim Lovley says during the 41-second clip, as her daughter’s eyebrows go up.

Not concert tickets, not Disney World, not a pony.

“We are going to see Donald. Trump. In person, in New Hampshire!”

The girl’s eyes go wide.

“Are you serious?!”


Overwhelmed at the idea that she and Trump will soon be breathing the same air, she goes from shock to glee to full-on waterworks.

“Thank you, Mom!” Ava stammers between sobs.

Never has a wispy-haired real estate tycoon elicited such reaction, especially among the elementary school crowd. But Ava has been following Trump’s candidacy since he announced his bid for the White House, Kim Lovley told The Washington Post on Tuesday.

“We’re Republicans, but we’re not political people at all,” Lovley said.

At first drawn to his hair and then his outspoken nature, Ava has kept up with Trump’s rise in a crowded Republican field, her mother told the Post. The family lives in Maine, only a few miles from Farmington, New Hampshire, where Trump appeared Monday.

Jason Lovley, Ava’s father, posted video of the rally afterward. Ava wore a jacket with Trump’s name emblazoned on the back, took a selfie as Trump spoke, and posed in front of the Trump campaign bus.

In another video clip posted by Ava’s father, the girl is seen pressed against a barrier in front of a low stage, waving a hand-drawn sign and screeching in adoration as the man himself emerges to make his stump speech.

“I love you!” she screams. “I love you, Trump!”

As he works the rope line after his speech, Trump draws a check mark on Ava’s hand – for good luck, her father said Tuesday on Facebook.

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