A magnitude-3.3 earthquake was recorded Tuesday morning near Eastport, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

The earthquake was felt just before 7 a.m. about 6 miles northeast of the Washington County city.

Some residents reported waking to booming and rumbling sounds, but officials say there were no damage reports.

Leasa Garvin thought a ship had exploded in the Port of Eastport.

“It startled us,” Garvin said. “We were dead sound asleep and there was a huge noise and rumble. The first thought was, ‘Oh, something blew up.’ ”

Bonita Jones of Pembroke said it felt like a box truck had rammed her home. Her husband, who was unloading a barge off Eastport, called to check on her and reported that the crew had felt the barge rocking against the pilings.

The largest earthquake recorded in Maine in the past 40 years was in 2012, when a 4.0-magnitude quake centered near Hollis Center shook York County and was felt as far away as Vermont and Rhode Island.

The strongest earthquake ever recorded in Maine was in the same area of Washington County. On March 21, 1904, a magnitude-5.1 earthquake “overthrew chimneys in Washington County” and was felt throughout most of New England and the Canadian provinces of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, according to the geological survey. It was felt as far away as Montreal and southern Connecticut.

Maine gets about five earthquakes a year, according to the Maine Emergency Management Agency.

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