I read with interest M.D. Harmon’s latest essay (Feb. 12), proclaiming a shift in Maine as well as other states from blue to red. He cites as backup evidence Gallup polling data.

Unfortunately for his argument, the Gallup poll and other polls have become increasingly unreliable.

I see evidence all around me that indicates that for social issues such as gay rights, the nation as well as Maine is moving toward a more tolerant and, yes, liberal point of view. There is active support for issues such as raising the minimum wage, offering parental leave and addressing income inequality. None of these are conservative ideas.

The only advantage I see that conservatives have is in turnout during off-year elections. This does result in real effects in governance, such as Paul LePage becoming Maine’s governor, a man, who by no stretch of the imagination, represents the true spirit of the average Mainer.

I appreciate the fact that you print commentators such as M.D. Harmon because, for liberals like me, it is refreshing to see how out of step with reality conservatives are. We’ve all heard reference to the conservative “echo chamber” and the conservative “bubble.”

M.D. Harmon is right in the middle of the bubble, and from his viewpoint, it is a rose-colored one.

Let’s see how well that conservative “shift” works this November!

Dan Turner


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