I write to encourage Maine voters to attend your local Democratic caucus on Sunday, March 6, and stand tall and proud with me for Bernie Sanders.

I’m an idealist and believe in our capacity to be better people and to create a better future. When I examine Bernie’s time in Congress and as the mayor of Burlington, Vermont, I see a man of integrity and passion who has fought government and political corruption for decades. In fact, Bernie’s work on income disparity, working wages, and corporate greed and corruption – which are destroying our economy – speak loudly to American families across all demographics.

Despite the incredible lack of coverage of his campaign, he and his team have successfully spread his message of equality and humanity around the country. It’s an extraordinary campaign.

As mayor of Burlington, he ran a tight ship on a tight budget, grew the economy and business bases, saved the waterfront, and nurtured training programs for women, among other initiatives. As a friend said recently, “He’s a razor-sharp politician, not a cranky old socialist.”

Join me in voting for hope. Real hope for real change.

Debbie Atwood

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