I take exception to Cynthia Dill’s column in the Feb. 28 edition of the Maine Sunday Telegram (“If you’re not willing to participate, don’t complain about options,” Page D1).

While some of her statements are valid, she mistakenly asserts that there is no third party in Maine.

The Maine Green Independent Party has over 40,000 registered voters. Caucuses are being held in at least 45 communities. Rather than schedule all caucuses on the same date, Greens support grass-roots democracy by convening caucuses at various times during caucus season, scheduling them at times convenient to conveners, participants and town clerks.

On Feb. 27, there were nine Green Independent Party caucuses in counties from Washington to York. In Limerick, the town clerk has office hours the last Saturday of each month. The caucus was held Feb. 27 to coincide with her hours.

In Biddeford, the caucus was attended by one of the Green Party presidential candidates, Sedinam K.C.M. Curry. More Green Party caucuses are being held through March 19. You can find Maine Green Independent Party caucuses that have not yet been convened at MaineGreens.org.

Dill mentions that extremists have taken over the old guard parties, and belittles the work being accomplished outside the two corporate parties.

Voters are looking for options beyond the status quo. Rather than media outlets ignoring the Green Independent Party, they can let Mainers know that Green Party values are very mainstream.

Ms. Dill should get her facts straight and recognize that there are viable alternatives available to Maine voters.