A York-based lobster wholesaler is expanding by opening a second location in Boston.

Maine Coast Shellfish LLC intends to open a facility on the Boston Fish Pier with the capacity to hold 20,000 pounds of live lobster, according to a press release from the company founder and CEO Tom Adams.

“This is a strategic move for us,” said Adams in the release. “Our Boston location will allow us to increase our world-class customer service by offering our domestic and international customers rapid-ship capabilities out of Boston’s Logan Airport.”

Lobster exports have increased for the past several years as more markets, especially in China, develop a taste for the crustacean. In 2010, China imported about $100,000 worth of lobster; in 2015, it was $21.5 million, according U.S. Census trade figures. Access to international air freight services is key to delivering the lobsters while still fresh.

Adams, who made the announcement at Boston’s Seafood Expo on Sunday, said the company made more than $40 million in sales last year.

“I know that in order to remain competitive, I need to reinvest in my company,” Adams said. ” I am confident that the fish pier location, coupled with our increasing marketing and branding efforts, will help Maine Coast achieve additional sales worldwide.”

The expansion will create six jobs at the Boston facility, which Adams expects to open in June.

His York facility employs 30 and has a holding capacity of 150,000 pounds.

In January, Adams hired Annie Tselikis as his first marketing manager. She also is the part-time executive director of the Maine Lobster Dealers’ Association and sits on the board of the Maine Lobster Marketing Collaborative.