Trump doesn’t offer many specific proposals but let’s look closely at what he does offer.

The Homeland Security Department estimates there are 11 million unauthorized immigrants in the country. Trump has claimed that it could be 30 million and that he will deport them all.

This would mean all people who have arrived over the last 30 years and their children.

Many came through Mexico, but most are not Mexican. Many or most don’t have any documents at all. What country would accept them? As they are rounded up, where will he put them? Our prisons can’t hold them. He’ll need internment camps.

Many families would go into hiding. Local law enforcement doesn’t usually track them. Trump would need to use military police to find them.

What tactics would he use to find them? How would these people be treated? Trump has promised to order the military to use torture as a tool. There could be massive protests and rioting. He may need to impose martial law and suspend all political activity. All of this is exactly what happened in Germany in the 1930s.

This is also the man who would have his finger on the nuclear button.

John Pankowicz

Boothbay Harbor

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