More than 92 percent of small businesses fail in the first three years. Lately, even some large established companies are disappearing in a short period of time. Stock market fluctuations are creating panic. Some people are working multiple jobs to make a living and have a limited time to rest. These situations and others are creating stress in our lives.

Meditation is a tool that can help us manage stress. My teacher, Lama Willa Miller says, “Meditation helps us by changing our relationship with our thoughts.” Meditation is a mind turning on to mind itself.

At our company iCST, an Information Technology staffing and software testing company, we meditate as a team before every weekly staff meeting and before important meetings. This helps us to work from a place of calm mind. We respect each other by listening and not interrupting even when we disagree. We discuss rather than arguing. We come up with solutions and ideas.

My colleague, Julie Tanner says, “I have never used meditation in my home or work life prior to joining iCST. The practice of meditation at work on Monday mornings allows me to clear my mind and then come in to focus for the meeting. I now think of these minutes spent as a calm way to start my week which is both busy at home and here at iCST.”

Meditation helps us to manage anger. At work, we face daily challenges and difficult situations. Instead of reacting to these situations, we pause, think and respond. Meditation helps us to be peaceful. It makes us be more empathetic to others and to ourselves. It helps us not to make decisions from jealousy. It helps us to cope with adversities.

Meditation can be done by anyone. It does not have to be based in religion. If you are a beginner, you could explore with just two minutes at a time for a few times daily. Ideally, dawn and dusk are good times due to the changes in our body and mindset. We can meditate anywhere. Sitting at the same location daily will create peaceful vibrations at that place. Group sitting will help to leverage group energy.

There are many techniques of meditation. One could sit in a chair or on the floor. Keep the spine straight so that energy flows freely. Clasp hands or keep your palms on your thighs. Close or slightly open your eyes. A simple way to start is to take deep breaths initially and then go back to natural breath. Relax the body. Eventually, meditations may become effortless. Thoughts can be your friends. Do not attempt to avoid or reject them. Just observe them.

Meditation can help us be more productive, give us better well-being, and allow us to enjoy our work and improve our relationship with people and our own thoughts.

Ashok Nalamalapu is the president of iCST and founder of Sadhana, a spiritual center. He offers meditation workshops. He can be contacted at: [email protected]

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