PORTLAND — Local residents who made the University of Southern Maine 2015 fall semester dean’s list include: Caroline Chapais of Alfred, Monica St. Amand of Alfred, Taylor Lux of Arundel, Rebecca Patoine of Arundel, Lyssa Agreste of Biddeford, Nicole Belanger of Biddeford, Ashley Belanger of Biddeford, Jonathan Capotosto of Biddeford, Amanda Carnegie of Biddeford, Nicole Colby of Biddeford, Tia DeSimone of Biddeford, Brian Doyer of Biddeford, Katherine Hast of Biddeford, Richard Hudon of Biddeford, Nathan Ingargiola of Biddeford, Darren Johnson of Biddeford, Bryan Johnston of Biddeford, Nichole Kimborowicz of Biddeford, Jennifer Kimborowicz of Biddeford, Apryl King of Biddeford, Tyler Martin of Biddeford, Kristina McCurry of Biddeford, Renee Morin of Biddeford, Nicholas Opolski of Biddeford, Melanie Perkins of Biddeford, Heather Richards of Biddeford, Jacob Rochefort of Biddeford, Cassandra St, Ours of Biddeford, Gabrielle Stojanovic of Biddeford, Brittany Vincent of Biddeford, Lynn Wheeler of Biddeford, Tonya Wood of Biddeford, Kayla Crabtree of Buxton, Danielle Dalton of Buxton, Angela Ellis of Buxton, Daniel Hayes of Buxton, Abigail Hayes of Buxton, Katie Quinn of Buxton, Shawn Starkey of Buxton, Garrett Swett of Buxton, Mao Ye of Buxton, Gerald Herlihy of Dayton, David Stone of Dayton, Haley Bantz of East Waterboro, Caitlin Huber of East Waterboro, Andrew Libbey, Benjamin Bussiere of Hollis Center, Clover Nichols of Hollis Center, Allison Pillar of Hollis Center, Caleb Robertson of Hollis Center, Marion Cerino of Kennebunk, Shaelan Donovan of Kennebunk, Christopher Dunn of Kennebunk, Noelani Hansen of Kennebunk, Nika Karlsson of Kennebunk, Michelle Lovejoy of Kennebunk, Alexandra Macisso of Kennebunk, Elise Schwebler of Kennebunk, Harrison Hall of Kennebunkport, Laura Weyl of Kennebunkport, Ellie Wiewel of Kennebunkport, Nathaniel Baldwin of Kittery, Cameron Cavanagh of Kittery, Lauren Moffat of Kittery, Anna Powers of Kittery, William Weaver of Kittery, Joshua Wiswell of Kittery, Samantha Magliozzi of Kittery Point, Sunny Pinkham of Kittery Point, Matthew Beatrice of Lebanon, Johnathan Michaud of Lebanon, Kayla Shafer of Lebanon, Luther Vigneault of Lebanon, Daniel Webb of Lebanon, Julia Batchelder of Limerick, Crystal Boucher of Limerick, Hailey Marnell of Limerick, Danielle Rainey of Limerick, Melissa Stanley of Limerick, Mckenzi Stevens of Limerick, Madeline Waugh of Limerick, Braden Heal of Lyman, Kyle Maclay of Lyman, Katherine Sobanik of Lyman, David Berlin of Old Orchard Beach, Emily De Gonzague of Old Orchard Beach, Ashley Forrest of Old Orchard Beach, Colleen Geaumont of Old Orchard Beach, Cynthia Harding of Old Orchard Beach, Todd Nelson of Old Orchard Beach, Melissa Pratt of Old Orchard Beach, Caroline Boston of Parsonsfield, Myranda Whitney of Parsonsfield, Charles Buckley of Saco, Nathan Colpitts of Saco, Holly Crowell of Saco, Jade Deshaies of Saco, Heidi Dormanen of Saco, Abigail Dowling of Saco, Danielle Emmons of Saco, Drew Fournier of Saco, Logan Gailitis of Saco, Jessie Gray of Saco, Marissa Lareau of Saco, Katrina Leedberg of Saco, Raquel Miller of Saco, Deborah Morrison of Saco, Emily Nicholson of Saco, Kylie Normand of Saco, Cameron Prescott of Saco, Molly Shannon of Saco, Kevin Smith of Saco, Tyler Stewart of Saco, Tyler Tholl of Saco, Alex Tsomides of Saco, Amber Williams of Saco, Victoria Blow of Sanford, Zachary Camire of Sanford, Meghan Chalmers of Sanford, Alison Clark of Sanford, Erin Dawley of Sanford, Jordan Dube of Sanford, Lauren Herzig of Sanford, Leonard Irvin of Sanford, Nicholas Irvin of Sanford, Nicholas Wall of Sanford, Tristan White of Sanford, Susan Ruby of Shapleigh, Heidi White of Shapleigh, Lou Arseneault of Springvale, Marlee Smith of Springvale, Hannah Burgess of Wells, Alorah Connolly-Pelletier of Wells, Anthony Creamer of Wells, Grace Hachey of Wells, Tristan Jordan of Wells, Jacob Moody of Wells, Lauren Rigdon of Wells, Stephanie Towne of Wells, Kristen Wachowiak of Wells and William Winslow of Wells.