SOUTH PORTLAND — After a smooth budget process that began in late March between the city and school district, the City Council unanimously approved a $47.7 million school budget Monday night for fiscal year 2017.

General fund appropriations from the school district and the city for fiscal year 2017 total nearly $83 million – an increase of about 3.6 percent in expenditures over this year’s nearly $80 million budget.

The school portion represents an increase of about 3.4 percent over this year’s $46.1 million school budget. The city’s $32.6 million budget represents a $1.2 million increase from last year’s spending plan, or 3.9 percent.

Taxpayers will be expected to cover $40.1 million of the school budget, which represents an increase of about $893,000, which is 2.3 percent more, or 33 cents on the mil rate.

Factoring in $7,000 returned to the district from the state through General Purpose Aid, which increased about $600,000 over this year, the district will receive a total of around $7.5 million in state aid.

Coupled with the municipal budget, taxpayers would pick up about $61 million of the total budget, and see a tax increase of 48 cents per $1,000 in valuation. If the budget passes voter scrutiny, the tax rate would increase 2.8 percent, to $17.88 from $17.40.

The School Board unanimously approved the budget at the end of March, and  council approval means the school budget referendum is now set for Tuesday, June 14.

Before the vote was taken at the May 17 council meeting, Councilor Linda Cohen  said she was very “appreciative of the relationship” that has formed between the City Council and School Board in recent years.

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