Rep. Diane Russell is tireless in her work on the legalization of marijuana, which will be on November’s ballot. I’m concerned that Russell’s singular focus on marijuana prevents her from being taken seriously in Augusta on the issues that my neighbors and I actually care about.

In contrast, Rep. Ben Chipman works tirelessly on the real issues I do care about: education, opiate treatment, environmental protection and an economy that works for everyone. No legislator has a higher code of ethics or greater commitment to the people of Portland than Chipman.

Chipman stood his ground against Gov. LePage on Portland schools and social services. Chipman successfully lobbied to support the University of Southern Maine. He is committed to his constituents, recognizes those in need and is an award-winning environmental champion.

My family endorses Ben Chipman for Maine Senate District 27 in the June 14 Democratic primary. We hope you will, too.

Anthony J. Donovan