Re: “Amid Maine’s drug crisis, DHHS slow to expand treatment options” (May 25):

I could not believe my eyes when I read the report of the lack of action in seeking additional recovery locations with funds approved by the Legislature last year.

When the opiate crisis hit the headlines, senior Department of Health and Human Services folks were silent as people were dying for lack of a unified approach to the problem. I believe that our brave governor even threatened to call out the National Guard.

Yet during the debate that followed for several weeks, there in Augusta, right under the nose of DHHS Commissioner Mary Mayhew, as well as the governor, were funds awaiting award to organizations that were applying for these funds. Now it turns out that the DHHS had only sent out one request for proposal, and one application was declined because a page was missing.

Not once in the reporter’s story is there any comment by those in charge – just vague replies that the RFP will be released in the next several weeks.

As I sit here trying to be polite, I’m watching and hearing about The Moving Wall memorializing Americans who died in the Vietnam War, which was transported to Maine for Memorial Day.

Those who gave their lives will never be forgotten. But what about the over 200 who have succumbed to the disease of addiction while the high-paid folks in charge avoid one of their primary functions today of putting approved funds to work to help with the crisis?

It’s a very sad commentary on the capabilities of those appointed by our ineffective governor.

Frank Parker