Some patriotic people in this area have revitalized the group Friends of Fort Gorges. I and many others are very grateful to these people for leading the restoration effort.

As this much-needed initiative advances, I, once again, ask people to visualize a garrison flag that is about 38 feet by 24 feet, flying free from a 350-foot flagpole located in the very center of the fort.

Veterans groups will make sure there are always at least three veterans protecting the flag, day and night, as long as it is flying.

For many years, I have visualized, talked about and written about Fort Gorges becoming a patriotic freedom center where New Mainers, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, et al., can go to have a fun-filled day.

We need more patriots! Singing “God Bless America,” under that huge, strong flag, snapping in the wind, is going to help people to be proud of who we are!

Let’s create an exciting national landmark for all ships and planes visiting here to see.

Imagine our flag at that location, brightly lit, at night. Wow!

Rev. Jonathan Parker Sawyer Sr.



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