Just what kind of player David Backes will be at the age of 37 – when his new contract expires – is anyone’s guess.

But after listening to the 32-year-old former St. Louis Blues captain speak on his introductory conference call Friday, it’s hard not to think that the center/right winger – who signed a five-year, $30 million contract – was born to play for the Bruins.

“From my time playing against Boston and my history with the team, it’s a blue-collar, hard-nosed, don’t-take-crap-from-anybody type of team and that’s kind of the way that I feel I’ve built my game in 10 years in the league,” said Backes. “And I think it will be a seamless fit that will fill a few holes or deficiencies that, through the interview process, were identified and are strengths of mine, in all facets of the game.”

If anything, Backes will go to the head of the class when it comes to the media. In a little over 30 minutes on the phone, he was forthcoming, loquacious and humorous. And he did not duck questions concerning his age or just where he fits in the Bruins lineup that already has two quality centers in Patrice Bergeron and David Krejci.

Backes himself had wondered where he would fit. The short answer is it’s a fluid situation.

As for his age, Backes said with experience comes better hockey sense and knowing when to use the 6-foot-3, 221-pound body he’s been throwing around for a decade.

“I pick my spots rather than hitting everything that moves like it’s a rugby match,” said the Minnesota native. “I’m 32; I’m not 52. I think there are plenty of legs and plenty of physicality and energy in me.”

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