I saw recently that Gov. LePage’s wife, Ann, got a waitressing job. Great for her! Now I want to know why the governor of the state of Maine, no matter who it is – he or she, Republican, Democratic or independent – is the 50th or last in pay scale in the whole United States.

All over the state of Maine, there are city and town managers and state, city and town employees and department heads who make more than the governor – some as much as twice the governor’s salary. Why?

Maine is last at $70,000 per year. Pennsylvania is first at $190,000 per year. The average, the Portland Press Herald has reported, is $134,793, which is what some state, city and town officials make. Again, why?

The governor’s next job should be city manager. In Portland, he would more than double his salary. Does this make sense to anybody?

Maybe, like everything else in the state of Maine, we can give the job of governor to out-of-state people or subcontract it to someone else to save money. When in doubt, sub it out.

Leon A. Tsomides

Old Orchard Beach

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