At the conclusion of her recent commentary (“Protecting the environment is not a partisan issue, Natural Resources Council Leader says”), Lisa Pohlmann wrote that “it’s always a good time to speak out and take action” to protect Maine’s environment.

She’s right, of course. While some would subvert or sabotage efforts to maintain a healthy ecosystem with thriving wildlife, clean air and pristine water – the things that make our state so special – it is incumbent on us to speak out.

If stewardship pushes us to speak out for the environment, conscience compels us to stand up to those who bully us.

So I’m lending my voice in support of Pohlmann’s cause. For weeks, she and the organization she leads, the Natural Resources Council of Maine, have been the target of a political smear campaign by our governor. Enough is enough.

Pohlmann was right about something else, too: “Protecting Maine’s economy is not a partisan issue.” Instead of harassing the NRCM’s donors or castigating their leaders in bogus “wanted” posters, Gov. LePage should heed the lesson that the rest of us learned long ago: Maine’s economic future relies on robust and sustainable natural resources. Only if we vigilantly protect our air, soil and water will industries like fishing, tourism, aquaculture and local foods fuel our state’s growth.

All of us who care about Maine’s rivers, lakes, forests, mountains and wildlife will have to stand strong for our environment, and against those who bully us – even if one of them is the governor of Maine.