The Maine Department of Labor has launched a new job match system that is integrated with a national database to help more people find jobs in Maine.

The new system, called Maine JobLink, was unveiled Friday on It replaces the previous job-match service, Maine Job Bank.

The system upgrade is integrated with other job-matching services around the country that were developed using the same software.

The number of jobs available on Maine JobLink is 30 percent higher than the number on Maine Job Bank, which averaged about 9,500 open positions the week it was taken off line, according to a release from the Maine Department of Labor. Maine Joblink posts the real-time number of positions on its website, which has remained above 13,500 since going live.

“As we address our shrinking workforce, this new system will not only connect workers and employers, but will also assist Maine employers in recruiting nationally through the connection to the National Labor Exchange and help job seekers explore their career options, including training that will grow their skills and bring value to our economy,” said Labor Commissioner Jeanne Paquette in the release. “Our staff and workforce system partners have worked closely with the (federal) Office of Information Technology and the America’s Job Link Alliance team to make this change as smooth as possible for employers, job seekers and unemployment claimants.”

The Maine JobLink provides new features such as job spidering through and a connection to the National Labor Exchange; automated analysis of skill gaps for desired jobs; streamlined resume building; customizable career planning maps; automated notification of job and resume matches by email or text message; and up-to-date labor market information, including Maine’s best-paying occupations and where there are labor surpluses and shortages. The site is fully mobile.

Maine JobLink also makes information on wages, licensing and credentialing requirements available to employers. They are also able to post jobs directly to the site. All job postings received from the National Labor Exchange automatically generate a return receipt to support tracking for the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs, an important aspect for federal contractors, according to the release.

Maine has seen the size of its available labor force constrict. In 2013, more people retired than entered the workforce, a situation that has exacerbated employers’ ability to fill vacancies.

Gov. Paul LePage applauded the new system, saying its shared cost and management provides better services at a lower cost for taxpayers.

“The Department of Labor is helping our businesses be more competitive and our workers obtain good career jobs,” he said in the release.

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