This Pokémon Go craze has introduced a whole new level of threat to the already-hazardous activity of driving. It infuriates me that anyone would be so irresponsible as to drive a motor vehicle while simultaneously playing a video game. The idiocy of this behavior is beyond expression.

Pokémon Go is less than 2 weeks old, and I have already read news reports of people being injured in motor vehicle crashes because they were playing the game while driving.

I have personally witnessed people driving and playing the game. Do they realize they are putting my life and my loved ones’ lives at risk because they cannot control their gaming obsession? This behavior is wantonly reckless and completely unacceptable.

Gamers, it’s time for a reality check. You do realize that driving carries a moral obligation and social responsibility for others’ safety, don’t you?

Let me remind you that when you are driving a motor vehicle, you are responsible for the safety of everyone else who happens to be using the road with you. Each and every driver, whether they are a gamer or not, is responsible for the safety of everyone inside their vehicle as well as everyone they encounter on the street.

Gamers, you have no right to put others at risk – especially for something as stupid as a game.

If you are so obsessed with Pokémon Go that you cannot stop playing it, do everyone a favor: Get off your butt and walk the streets. Don’t drive! I ask you: Is a game really worth your or someone else’s life?

Christa Kay

Lisbon Falls