I read with great disappointment the July 19 article in this paper regarding Progressive Corp.’s request to the Maine Bureau of Insurance to arbitrarily raise auto insurance premiums for Maine customers simply because they turn 65.

As a state representative who serves on the Insurance and Financial Services Committee, I am hopeful that the state superintendent of insurance will reject this request outright. If further legislation is needed to close any loopholes in the current law, I will be happy to present that legislation next session.

As a licensed insurance agent for over 25 years, I can think of no actuarially sound Maine data that could support such a request. Our agency insures many folks who are 65 years old and older who demonstrate sound driving skills and capabilities. Auto insurance rates should be based on driving history, not a birth date.

We are fortunate in Maine to have some of the lowest auto insurance rates in the country because of the safety records of Maine drivers. With the cost of housing and energy ever increasing, it is hard enough on our aging population to continue to afford living here in Maine. This request is one more burden that they should not have to bear simply because they have turned a certain age.

Robert Foley

Republican state representative