As a Democrat who “felt the Bern” at last summer’s memorable rally in Portland, and made my fair share of $27 donations to Bernie Sanders’ campaign throughout the year, I confess I was disappointed by the outcome of the presidential primaries and caucuses. However, to those disenchanted Bernie supporters refusing to give up on the dream, I say: It is time to move on.

Whatever the outcome, Bernie has moved the needle. The Democratic Party platform has Bernie’s fingerprints all over it. The Hillary Clinton campaign’s deft and magnanimous handling of the convention and President Obama’s warm acknowledgment of Bernie’s impact have helped ease hurt feelings.

Bernie’s surprisingly gracious and unequivocal endorsement of Hillary and his passionate call for unity should be enough to rally his most recalcitrant troops to the greater cause – making sure that bully-boy Donald Trump and his peddlers of trumpery are consigned to the waste bin of political history.

Derek Campbell