Maine Bernie Sanders supporters, let’s stop talking about the presidential race. Decide where your loyalties lie and vote to rest your head in good conscience every night for the next four years.

Yes, we are angry. Yes, we are distraught. Yes, we are worried for democracy.

The revelations from Wikileaks are abominable. The treatment of the Sanders campaign is undemocratic and downright nasty. The bullying from friends who want to blame a potential Trump presidency on us is undeserved and hurtful. I understand why many of you will leave the Democratic Party. And that’s OK. They have not earned your allegiance.

But I ask those of you leaving, will you go so far as to turn your back in November on Troy Jackson (Allagash) – the only superdelegate in our state who stood by Bernie?

Will you turn your back on Diane Denk (Kennebunkport) and Deane Rykerson (Kittery) – fellow Bernie national delegates who did battle with us in Philadelphia?

Or how about Bob Saucier (Presque Isle) – our Credentials Committee member who fought the Democratic National Committee to set straight our Maine delegation?

These folks are on the ballot for November, in addition to other “Berniecrats.” I spent a week in Philadelphia standing side-by-side with these candidates on behalf of Bernie Sanders’ Maine voters and, I can tell you, they stand with us and they deserve our vote, regardless of party.

It’s time to turn our focus on what bonds us. It’s time to throw our energy behind “Berniecrats” in our home state who share our progressive values.

It’s time to take our revolution to the Maine Senate and House. If we divide ourselves down-ballot, we destroy what we have built. We won the Maine Democratic caucus by 28 percent. Leave the party if you must, but stay strong with the movement. The best revenge is voting well.

Liz Smith

Maine National Delegate for Bernie Sanders