RIO DE JANEIRO — Usain Bolt made his first major appearance in Rio de Janeiro leading up to the Olympics, talking about his desire to break 19 seconds in the 200 meters, then ending his engaging news conference by boogieing offstage, accompanied by more than a dozen near-naked Samba dancers.

Bolt takes to the track Saturday for opening rounds of the 100 meters. He is trying to take his total to nine gold medals over three Olympics. Bolt turns 30 on the night of the closing ceremony and, he reiterated that Rio will be his last games.

Bolt said lowering his 200-meter record, which stands at 19.19 seconds, below the 19 mark, is something he wants.

FENCING: American Ibtihaj Muhammad looked like all the other fencers when she stepped on the piste, save for the non-descript black scarf covering her head. Muhammad became the first American athlete to compete in the Olympics with a hijab, which she wears to adhere to the tenets of her Muslim faith.

CYCLING: Australian cyclist Melissa Hoskins was released from the hospital hours after a terrifying crash in training, and still hopes to compete in the team pursuit competition later this week.

WEIGHTLIFTING: World record holder Chen Lijun pulled out of the men’s 62-kilogram class because of leg cramps, which opened the class for Oscar Albeiro Figueroa Mosquera of Colombia to win gold.