Donald Trump’s campaign theme is to “Make America Great Again.” During the recent Democratic convention, many of the speakers, including President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama, said that America is great.

What candidate Trump is trying to point out is America’s greatness today, compared to eight years ago, when Obama took office. Let’s take a look at some of the everyday situations here in Maine, as well as in most locations in the United States:

 More panhandlers on street corners seeking handouts.

 More homeless people sleeping in parks, under bridges, etc.

 Record numbers of families receiving food stamps.

 More school-age children receiving free lunches, even during the summer months, because their parents can’t provide food.

– More reliance on food banks, because families can’t provide.

 More individuals having left the job market because they can’t find work for which they are qualified.

 Increased violence throughout the country and world, translating to a decreased feeling of personal and family security.

 A weaker military because of budget, equipment and personnel cuts.

 Loss of respect from many world leaders.

To be forthright, I am not a strong supporter of candidate Trump. I wish there were an alternative candidate for whom I could enthusiastically support. Having said that, I am very concerned about candidate Hillary Clinton. I believe a victory by her would bring us four more years of Obama’s failed programs.

Yes. America is a great country. If you have lived in other countries or read news stories of recent foreign events, you can’t come to any other conclusion. But can we become even greater than the last eight years? For sure. And that is what candidate Trump means when he says “Let’s Make America Great Again.”

Robert Haggett