I’m writing to express my concern about the recent road project on Conant Street. For the past couple of weeks the street that my family lives on has been under construction with heavy vehicles impacting our lives. My wife and I have tried to be understanding, and create a dialogue between what needs to be done, and when our driveway will be unable to use, but we have found the construction company, D and C Construction Co., of Rockland Mass., aggressive and not forthcoming on when our lives will be impacted. As residents, we are only given minutes notice before our driveway has a big hole and we are unable leave our houses.

This impacts our lives greatly because my wife needs to work, and I have to take my sick infant to the doctor. When my wife went to move our cars to another street out of the way, they treated her disrespectfully and that is unacceptable. I work from home and take care of our child. I’ve gotten no advance notice of when my water will turn off and insufficient time warning us when our car is going to be boxed in. I find this unacceptable With our busy lives we need much more than a few minutes’ notice.

My solution is to contract a local Maine company because we need the jobs and can provide the same service that a Rockland, Mass., company provides. I urge the D & C Construction Co. to treat residents with respect as this impacts our daily lives, and not disrespect residents unnecessarily. Most importantly, please give us residents much more advance notice. We are already upset with one lane of traffic and very loud noises from your construction equipment.

Cameron Wright


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