It seems the Maine Warden Service has their priorities all mixed up.

Their website recently featured the great time they were having at Camp North Woods from July 17 to Aug. 6. On Aug. 3, there was a boating death on Long Lake while the warden service was having fun at Camp North Woods. Perhaps they could have saved a life if they had been in the right place and on patrol.

During the summer months, their first priority must be boating safety. There are more boats than ever, more drinking and drugs while operating boats, faster boats, faster Jet Skis and more paddle boats.

We live on Little Sebago Lake. The Little Sebago Lake Association has met with the warden service on boating safety, but it is still substandard. I am not aware of one operating-under-the-influence arrest on Little Sebago by the warden service – and they could make two to three there every Saturday night if they were so inclined.

We have good wardens – it’s their leadership that’s questionable.

Brian McDonnell