About a year ago, the Maine Department of Transportation cut down hundreds of trees along the edge of its right of way in Freeport. Among other reasons, they claimed it would improve sight distances.

I doubt any driver ever felt that the trees were limiting sight distance. But the removal of the trees eliminated a natural sound barrier, and the abutting property owners understandably screamed foul. So now I understand that the MDOT will soon plant trees to restore the barrier.

This summer, the MDOT has been spending millions to beautify Route 1 in Falmouth, a project that includes a redesign of the intersection of Routes 1 and 88.

Before, the northerly approach to Route 88 included two lanes, one for each choice. A little turning of the front wheels, and the posted speed could be maintained.

Now one of those lanes has been eliminated and planted with pretty grass, at least for the summertime. But to get on Route 88 you now have to slow down to make a sharp turn to the right, forcing those behind you who want to proceed on Route 1 to slow down as well. If the object was to slow down traffic and increase the possibility of traffic delays, they’ve totally succeeded.

Now all I can do is pray that, as they did in Freeport, the Department of Transportation will recognize its error and within a year’s time spend more of our precious tax dollars returning the intersection to the way it worked so well for so many decades.

John Parker