Last Wednesday night, FOX 23 news had a short blurb on National Rifle Association official Chris Cox’s visit to Maine. At the end of it, they also featured a spokesman for the universal background check referendum (Question 3 on Maine’s ballot).

Words cannot express my disgust at how ridiculous his reasoning was. Essentially, he said we need this law because some guns find their way from Maine to Massachusetts crime scenes.

“We owe it to our neighbors” to pass this legislation, he said.

Apparently, as he tells it, drug dealers come up here to sell their goods and go back with guns. This ties in nicely with a news report I read last week about a man who stole a gun and traded it for drugs.

Has anyone stopped to think that stealing a gun is already illegal?

That buying drugs is already illegal?

That a Mainer selling a gun to an out-of-stater is already illegal under federal law?

Does any sane person really think that criminals who break all of those laws will comply with one that says they need to have a background check before selling a gun to fuel their drug habits?

Really? Seriously? You must be joking!