Villari’s Self-Defense Center, which has locations in Standish, Scarborough and Biddeford, conducted its annual black belt test at its Standish location on Saturday, Aug. 13. Test candidates hailed from cities across Southern Maine, including Saco, Biddeford, Kennebunk, Scarborough, Standish and Buxton. 

Front row from left: Jack Walker, Sophia Tanguay, Cory Havu, Emma Ebert, Parker Dow, Taylor Daigle

Middle row from left: Master Cheryl Roy (6th Dan), Toni, Vaillancourt, Lela Lee, Charli Vaillancourt, Tyler Muise, Bella Joyner, Cooper Dean, Master Troy Gervais (5th Dan)

Back row from left: Master David Boise (9th Dan), Alex Pandiscio, Colby Wise, Connor Northway, Calvin Sleeper, J. Perran Trentalange, Zachary Matthews, Anthony Dorohkin, Adam Tanguay, Oksana Dorohkin, Alex Morin