After reading Steve Bentley’s Maine Voices column in the Maine Sunday Telegram’s Sept. 4 print edition, I believe that if Bentley is so sure that his professional opinion on Gov. LePage’s issues is true, he could have been kinder by writing to the governor and offering his help instead of joining the public bandwagon attacking him. A personal attack will only get your hackles up and serve no useful purpose.

It seems most writers are more concerned about Maine’s image than their governor’s personal situation. For a state quick to help those in crisis – e.g., immigrants, drug abusers and any other societal woe – there is no empathy for a man pushed to the edge after putting Maine’s problems in the forefront.

His record should be judged on his accomplishments while in office, not on his sometimes-inappropriate outbursts. They are words I am sure many a politician has thought, just not said..

Roberta Schatz

Cape Elizabeth