Although many see no ulterior motive in the anti-gun state initiative to require all gun transfers to go through the federal background check system, I can see several.

First, look at the out-of-state money from Michael Bloomberg that funded the petitioning.

 Second, look at the extra money one will have to pay for each such transfer: $25 to $50 at a federally licensed firearms dealer.

 Third, each such inconvenience adds to the loss of freedom we once enjoyed as Americans under the Constitution.

As a born Yankee, I resent the implication that Bloomberg’s minions know better what’s good for us Mainers. We are a gun-loving state, and our safety record shows we respect and know how to loan and sell to our relatives and friends without more government interference.

The continued chipping away of our freedoms will eventually lead to registration and then confiscation. Vote “no” on Question 3.

George A. Fogg

North Yarmouth

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