I really enjoyed the Washington Post piece on Bruce Springsteen in the Sept. 11 Maine Sunday Telegram (“Cure for loneliness? The Boss and his merry band,” Page E1). Among other things, it was nice to see it on a day of sad memories for many. It captured his appeal and depth and place in American life.

I’m late to being a Springsteen fan (I’m a classical music woman) but have come to appreciate him. I found much about the thoughts of a serious rock musician in the book “Jane” by April Lindner. She used his personality in a retelling of the famous novel “Jane Eyre,” making his personality that of the dark, brooding hero.

Just as the movie “Clueless” recasts Jane Austen’s famous book “Emma” and “Bridget Jones’ Diary” is Austen’s book “Pride and Prejudice,” the novel “Jane” brings a classic romantic love story into today’s world. I’ve cut out the Telegram article and put it in the book.

Marilyn Crowley