Contrary to The Washington Post’s statements in the Another View editorial of Sept. 10, the hullabaloo about Hillary Clinton’s passing classified government material via her unsecured personal server is neither “overblown” nor “minor.” It is a disgusting affront to all military veterans and current active-duty members.

The investigation of Clinton’s emails revealed that she did pass classified matter by unsecured means, and the FBI’s decision to let her off the hook by saying the contents were too insignificant to warrant indictment sets a double standard for handling our government’s classified documents.

One standard, for political appointees and electees, absolves them through deeming it a moment of carelessness or of insignificant classified content.

There’s another standard for military members tasked with safeguarding their unit’s classified documents from being compromised. In the latter group, anyone found to have done what she did would be court-martialed and sentenced to make small rocks out of larger ones at Fort Leavenworth, possibly for the remainder of their lives.

There is no excuse for carelessness in handling classified material, and if the content was of such insignificance, why was it given a classification in the first place?

To not sentence Hillary to at least a lifetime ban on being eligible to seek any federal, state, county or community political office is telling the oncoming generations and politicos that ignoring laws, even those pertinent to the nation’s security, will get them wherever they want to go.

And the Washington Post editorial writer has the audacity to say Donald Trump is dangerous and unfit to be president!

John R. Davis

South Paris