Sit out the presidential election? If that’s your plan, you must feel the candidates are equally flawed, or that the outcome is settled. Neither assumption is true. The race is a toss-up in Maine. Your vote will count.

Either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton will be our next president. You don’t like them? I am not going to try to persuade you to like either one.

But compare and contrast: Clinton has useful experience; Trump none. Clinton understands government and democracy; Trump doesn’t. Clinton has a tax plan benefiting the average family; Trump’s tax plan features a $4 billion estate tax break for his family.

Clinton has a worldview that is clear-eyed; Trump thinks Vladimir Putin is admirable. Clinton is knowledgeable, thoughtful and steady; Trump is superficial, cantankerous and threatening. Clinton is measured and broadminded; Trump is self-serving and reckless.

The choice is too important. Vote for Hillary Clinton.

David Chase