Reflecting on the first presidential debate that attracted so many viewers, I am struck by how little was said of any real substance by either candidate. There seemed to be plenty of opportunities but neither candidate wanted to let down their guard. It was unfortunate and somewhat disappointing.

However, there is one candidate I am proud to support and it doesn’t look like I am alone. (Republican) Paul Chace is running for re-election for the House District 46 representing Durham, North Yarmouth and half of Pownal. In June, Paul was awarded the 2016 Legislator of the Year by the American Legion. This award is given to a legislator in recognition of their support for the four pillars of the American Legion, which are Americanism, Children & Youth, National Security and Veteran Affairs & Rehabilitation. If you know Paul, you would know that he is very proud of this recognition but he is too humble to talk about it. He feels he was elected to represent all of the people in his district to the best of his ability.

Paul is smart and thoughtful. When you ask him where he stands on an issue concerning your town or the state, he will give you an honest response with the facts to support it. Now imagine if the candidates in the Presidential debate had that ability. Paul Chace is the right person to represent House District 46. Let’s re-elect him in November.

Turner Hansel

North Yarmouth