Colleen Shores Morton


Office Sought: Representative – District 139
Age: 60
Occupation: Small business owner
Education: Masters
Family: Married, one son
Hometown: Eastport

Political experience

I have worked in the policy realm my entire career, as a diplomat with the State Department, as a nonprofit executive focusing on infrastructure, investment and trade, and as a consultant on government contracts. Most of my work has been at the Federal level, but I have also worked with state and local governments to institute small business self-assessment programs, performance improvement systems and approaches to attracting investors and residents.

Why are you running for office?

I am running to represent the citizens on District 139 and to be a strong voice for rural Maine. My background is in economic development and I have come to the realization that small towns in rural Maine are severely hampered by lack of infrastructure and economic development spending by the State. We also need a much greater emphasis on human capacity building through education and training in the job fields of the future, and to build a stronger small business base for our rural economy. Many of the challenges facing our society are due to lack of decent, meaningful jobs for our kids. They are leaving the state, or getting into drugs, or living in poverty at a higher rate than ever before. We need new policies at the state level that focus on the root causes of these problems, not just on blaming outsiders. I will work very hard to ensure that Maine becomes a leader in the adoption of proven and innovative methods to keep our kids in Maine and give them opportunities to make a living wage or start their own businesses. I will also address misgovernance, lack of transparency, and accountability in the administration, particularly the governor’s office and DHHS. We need to move forward with positive ideas for growth and our children’s future.


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