Dan Lauzon


Office Sought: Representative – District 20
Age: 65
Occupation: Retired locomotive engineer, elected legislative representative, Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers

Education: Some College, Studied at Penn Central Opereatin Rules and Railroad Operations, Certified Locomotive Engineer and Certified Conductor, Accident Investigator working with National Transportation Safety Board, Instructor for Locomotive Engineers

Family: Married, raised nine kids who are all successful
Hometown: Lebanon

Political experience

Before moving to the Great State of Maine I was a ballot elected Massachusetts State Committee member and Chairman of the Rockport Town Committee. I was a Washington lobbyist for Rail Labor as well as Chairman of the Massachusetts State Legislative Board overseeing Legislative Representatives in the six New England States, including Maine.

Currently I serve as a State Committee Member in York County and am the Vice Chair in the Lebanon Town Committee.

Why are you running for office?

After having served over 30 years as a Labor Legislative Representative and filed and passed several bills in the Rhode Island, New Hampshire and Massachusetts Legislature, mostly related to rail safety and passenger rail expansion as well several freight rail bills.
In 1990 we [my rail labor colleagues] filed and passed the first Critical Incident Safety legislation in the U.S. We developed a Post Traumatic Stress peer intervention program and quickly discovered that our military veteran members who experienced PTSD were helped in ways that the VA was unable. I support revenue sharing especially on the Federal level.


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