Jean-Marie Caterina


Office Sought: Senator – District 30
Age: 61
Occupation: Real estate broker
Education: BA- University of Maine; MSW – Boston College
Family: Not provided
Hometown: Scarborough

Political experience

I was elected to the Scarborough Town Council in 2013. I have chaired several committees, including holding the position of Vice Chair, while serving. I served as the Maine Municipal Association Legislative Policy Representative for Senate District 30 during my Council term.

Why are you running for office?

I am running for office because I think that elected officials in Augusta should look out for our families and communities. We cannot keep asking towns and cities to pass increased property taxes for middle class families and small business owners while corporations and and big businesses receive tax breaks. We need to view public education as an investment in the future, and make funding schools that are accessible to all students a priority. We must move beyond simply “voting with your party”to making decisions that are right for our communities – for all of us.


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