Karen R. Vachon


Office sought: Representative – District 29
Age: 57
Occupation: Licensed Health Insurance Agent
Education: BA Business Administration, New England College
Hometown: Scarborough
Family: Married to Peter; Children: Jay, Sam, Thomas

Political experience:

State Representative for Coastal Scarborough, 127th Legislature – 2014-2016. Served on the Health & Human Services Committee. Maine’s part-time citizen legislature is open to all walks of life; as a licensed health insurance agent trained and certified in Obamacare and Medicare, I believe this experience is needed in Augusta.

Why are you running for office?

I love Maine and her people. Our beautiful state is abundant in natural beauty; rich in resource and people. Maine’s allure of natural, holistic, healthy, clean and sustainable living is not reflective in our policy. This needs to change.

Maine has negative natural population growth; we have the oldest median age of 43.5; nearly, 2/3rds of Maine graduates leave Maine upon graduation. This is a reflection of bad policy; when bad policy doesn’t pass the legislature, big money and out-of-state resources garner signatures to put bad referendum on the ballot like the five questions this November. Mainer’s beware!

It is time for the hard-working, creative, people of Maine to take their state back. I trust and believe in the people of Maine more than Government. I envision a healthy and prosperous Maine uniquely positioned to cultivate a creative economy where small business thrives and meaningful jobs abound. It’s time for Maine to break free from over taxation, welfare dependence and energy inefficiencies.

Sustainable economic recovery takes time. We are a culture that touts natural. Our policy and referendum questions can be likened to un-natural fertilizer. Tax, spend, and bailout is killing this beautiful state. Recovery happens naturally; I bring to Augusta an optimistic vision that believes less is more; patience is a virtue. I am honored to represent Scarborough in the 127th Legislature; I enjoyed my service, and I would like to continue to serve.

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