Matthew Lauzon


Office Sought: Representative – District 12
Age: 31
Occupation: Advocate and Technology Consultant
Education: St. James School. Biddeford Middle School. Biddeford High School. Babson College
Family: Single
Hometown: Biddeford

Political experience

I’m bringing a fresh perspective to office. I was first exposed to the political process at Dirigo Boy’s State, a fantastic program put on by the American Legion. It was very educational. I was elected Governor. More directly, I’ve been an advocate to eliminate unpaid internships as well as non-competition agreements that stifle innovation. I’ve also been an advocate to protect Mainers from abuse. Lastly, in an effort to truly understand the foundation of our municipal government I was an active citizen contributor to this year’s revisions being proposed to Biddeford’s city charter.

Why are you running for office?

I believe that all voices are equal. I want to make sure the voices of my hometown are being represented in Augusta. I am able and committed to do so. The fact that members of the Democratic, Green and Republican parties are supporting me is evidence of my ability to bring people together. I have leadership and advocacy experience to address our state’s heroin epidemic. I have business experience to understand what we must do to attract and retain pillar employers. I’ve also had the experience of being raised the son of two blue-collar parents and feeling that pain that comes when a layoff hits and times are tough.
A preview of my approach; I’m organizing my priorities based on what I’m hearing from residents. These issues include access to Lyme Disease treatment, providing Veterans more health care options and making Maine a place that the people who built our communities can afford to retire.
Equally as important as “what” I will do is “how” I will do it. I will be entering office having built relationships with legislators on both sides of the aisle. I have pledged to be transparent and accessible. I am committed hearing ALL perspectives as part of my decision process. The bottom line, my core values and my reason for running are completely aligned. I will make sure all the voices of my district are heard because I’m confident that will make Maine a better place to live and do business.


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