Sara Gideon


Office Sought: Representative – District 48
Age: 44
Occupation: Assistant democratic leader, Maine house/state rep
Education: BA , George Washington University
Family: Married to Ben Gideon, 3 children aged 13, 12, 9
Hometown: Freeport

Political experience

3 years, Freeport Town Council, District 1
1 year as Freeport Town Council Vice Chair
4 years, State Representative Freeport and part of Pownal
2 years, Assistant Democratic Leader, Maine House

Why are you running for office?

Maine is an incredible place with good people. But our future will only be vibrant if we start planning and taking action in a very different way than we have been. That means planning for a global economy that is both competitive and quickly evolving. Our vision for the future has to include a plan for education, the environment and the future of energy in Maine. If we understand that each of these issues are intricately tied to each other, that no one issue stands alone, then we can envision a future that allows our children to one day have the opportunity to choose Maine as a home for their families.


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