In a recent letter my friend Mark Grover suggested we all consider our choices when deciding where to spend our money. Truly excellent advice as there are many options. When you look at whether to spend money supporting the town initiated grant to Maine Narrow Gauge Railroad or to some other uses as outlined by Mark, I would recommend looking at the long-term benefits versus one-time use of these funds. It is easy to use our money for quick, one-time benefit purposes, but more difficult to envision the long-term multiple benefits associated with a Yes vote in November in support of Maine Narrow Gauge.

A Yes vote, because:

  • Opportunities to provide experiential, hands-on education that includes Maine history, local history and the value of the environment
  • Spur economic growth (as our two TIF districts have done?)
  • Another attraction to the town to answer the question “what else is there to do in Gray?”
  • Job opportunities, volunteer opportunities
  • Great return on our investment (estimated to generate $1.2 million in economic impact each and every year)
  • Truly puts Gray “at the heart of it all”

Donnell Carroll
Executive director, Maine Narrow Gauge Railroad