I do not know of any gun owner who is not in favor of effective background checks. However, any person who reads and understands the terms set forth in Question 3 would vote “no”!

Question 3 contains the word “transfer,” which covers even simply handing a firearm to another person.

Question 3 would impose restrictions and expenses on law-abiding citizens. Any person who wishes to sell or transfer a firearm for illegal purposes will do so without any regard for the law.

The vast majority of sales at gun shows are via licensed dealers, who are required to perform background checks.

I would suggest that an individual seller be able to utilize the current background check system in the same manner as a licensed dealer.

Mainers are getting tired of outside people and money coming into our state, telling us what to do.

Take the time to read and understand what Question 3 really means. You will vote “no.”

Warren Graumann

Cumberland Foreside