At the age of 92 and having lived and worked most of my years in Massachusetts (many of the most treasured were in Maine), I’ve witnessed a lot of self-serving politicians come and go – some to jail. The people of Maine House District 28 are fortunate that Republican Heather Sirocki gives her undivided attention to looking after their common civic interests in Augusta.

Not a typical politician, she’s smart but unassuming, principled, hardworking to a fault and is conversant with the intricacies of the state budget. Heather knows her way around the State House and is highly respected by her colleagues.

She has a proven record as a bipartisan problem solver on the Appropriations and Financial Affairs Committee, the Maine Children’s Growth Council and other legislative functions.

Positive experience counts. Re-elect Heather Sirocki to a fourth term in the Maine House. She’s a rare gem.

Walter J. Eno