I’m running for Congress as a Libertarian. There are people, even in the media, who will tell you that voting for me is throwing away your vote. If so, throwing away your vote might be the best thing you can do.

Democrats and Republicans have controlled Congress for over 100 years. They’ve driven our nation to the brink of bankruptcy and have now saddled your children and grandchildren with crushing debt. They’ve involved our troops in 70 or more conflicts worldwide, not just the three or four they’re telling you about. And now, according to polls, you say they’ve given us the two most dishonest, untrustworthy presidential candidates in modern history.

Yet they’ll still say that voting Libertarian is throwing away your vote. Let’s talk about what, exactly, you’ll be throwing away your vote on if you send me to represent you in Washington.

 No more debt and a true balanced budget. That means we spend only what we take in and we don’t add one penny more to the debt your children will now have to pay.

 Term limits now. No, that wasn’t Donald Trump’s idea – Libertarians have been pressing for term limits for years. And I say not just for Congress, but for the Supreme Court, too. It’s time we stopped being coerced in elections over fear of SCOTUS appointments.

 Focus on defense – not on nation building. You choose whether or not to send your sons and daughters to war – and where. This means Congress does their job and stops allowing presidents to de facto conduct war without your consent.

 End the income tax – now. They’ll tell you it can’t be done. It can’t as long as the major parties benefit from the current system, and they do. It’s time to stop punishing you for your hard work. It’s your money, not theirs.

Why haven’t these things been accomplished already?

How long have Democrats and Republicans promised to cut federal spending, control the debt, cut taxes and bring our troops home from wars with no clear objective?

Why haven’t they done it?

It’s our fault. Every time we vote for one of the major parties, we’ve endorsed the policies that got us where we are today – and it’s not going to stop.

If you want more debt, vote Democrat or Republican. Both platforms include trillions in additional spending and debt.

If you want one person to decide when and where to send your sons and daughters to war and why – vote Democrat or Republican. Neither party has made a serious effort to debate the merits of our current wars. They’ve just alternately rubber stamped their president’s foreign policy.

Taxes? They don’t want a tax system that reduces their access to your hard-earned cash.

And term limits? Seriously? They’ve never supported any change that threatens their stranglehold on our political process – and term limits pose a serious threat to the two-party monopoly.

I’ve been listening. I know how angry you are with the status quo. Still, if you say you’re voting for me, they’ll tell you you’re throwing away your vote. After all, what can I do as a lonely third-party representative in Congress?

First things first. The major parties are not going to fix the system that keeps them in power – not from the inside.

I can tell the truth. I can call out any corruption, abuse and fraud I find. I have no obligation to protect any party cronies. I represent you, not a party. That’s the Libertarian way.

I can bridge extremes on “both sides of the aisle” because both sides need my vote – and my vote is your vote. I’ll work with anyone who truly works for your interests.

I can vote with your voice – with no obligation to party lines and no fear of party retribution. I owe nothing to any big donors. I don’t have to vote on an issue because of back room deals or party directives.

Finally, they’ll tell you not to waste your vote on a “write-in.” What’s that got to do anything? You either write a name on a petition in January or write a name on your ballot in November. Which one counts the most?

If you’re satisfied with status quo – vote major party. You know what you’ll be getting. If you’re not satisfied and you really want something different, then, just this once, vote differently.

If that’s throwing away your vote, then so be it. After all, it’s your vote.