On Feb. 11, 2015, my world came crashing down around me in a most horrific manner. I received a phone call that no loved one wants to get.

My vibrant, energetic 92-year-old mother was in a crosswalk in Falmouth when she was hit by a car. Less than 12 hours later, she died from her injuries.

We as her family are shattered beyond comprehension. Our father is left without his lifelong love. And it is not just our family that suffered a big loss: The extent of her injuries was such that her body could not be donated to a medical school.

What makes matters worse is twofold: The police force did not report this to the media for over two weeks because, in their words, “she was old and didn’t die at the scene.” So, once again, our family had salt poured into these fresh wounds, as we had no forewarning that this story would be on the radio and TV and in the papers.

The icing on this tragedy is that, in its wisdom, the state of Maine has placed a cap on wrongful-death compensation. That cap is $500,000.

I urge all the citizens of Maine to ask your legislators to reconsider this cap. I have written them a letter, but am fairly certain they will not listen to me as I live in another state. So please, Mainers, urge your legislators to action.

Cathy Dawson

Hoosick Falls, New York