Like at least half of the country, I am very disheartened by the outcome of the presidential election – determined by the Electoral College vote, not the popular vote.

After listening to President Obama’s and Hillary Clinton’s remarks about coming together for the sake of the nation, I decided to try to step up and find a path for optimism. Well, that effort was very short-lived.

“Drain the swamp” and change were the constant cries of Donald Trump, telling us he would “drain the swamp” of the politicians who have been around too long and were responsible for bringing the country to the sad shape it is in.

I missed the part where he said he planned to put those he found at the bottom of that swamp in top policy positions – Newt Gingrich, Rudy Giuliani, Jeff Sessions, Chris Christie. So much for that drainy-swampy thing!

I’m thinking that my pursuit of optimism will best be served in the hope that, as the true agenda of a Trump reign becomes reality, we will use the 2018 midterm elections to offer a glimmer of hope that just maybe this ship can once again be righted.

Vicky McCully

Tenants Harbor