Saco and Buxton police issued a statement Thursday confirming they are jointly investigating the theft of a German shepherd from Saco that was later found dead in Gray.

Uhdelle, a 5-year-old black German shepherd, disappeared while on a trail in Saco with her owner Monday morning. A GPS tracking collar indicated the dog was in Buxton, but someone then drove her to Gray.

Gray’s animal control officer spotted Uhdelle but was unable to capture the dog. She was struck and killed by a car on Egypt Road, more than 30 miles from her home on Timber Ridge Farm in Saco.

Saco Chief Brad Paul and Buxton Chief Troy Cline issued a statement Thursday asking anyone who has information about the case to contact either police department. They are specifically seeking information about whether anyone may have seen Uhdelle being driven in a vehicle anytime during the day Monday, possibly from the Buxton-Gorham-Scarborough area north to Gray.

Police declined to discuss evidence related to the case because of the ongoing investigation, but did say they are trying to track Uhdelle’s movements and identify a suspect.

Doreen Metcalf, Uhdelle’s owner, said she took six dogs, including Uhdelle, with her as she rode her horse along a trail Monday morning. Metcalf said Uhdelle sometimes wandered away from the pack, but always returned to Timber Ridge Farm on Simpson Road, near the Buxton town line.

Each dog was wearing a GPS tracking collar. The GPS tracking collars are connected to Metcalf’s home computer and show her where a dog has been, its current location and how fast it’s traveling.

Metcalf said the tracking collar indicates Uhdelle went to a neighbor’s house in Buxton. The neighbor told Metcalf that Uhdelle may have been shot by a hunter. The GPS tracking device appears to have been dumped in the Saco River and has not been recovered.

“(The dognapper) somehow got the dog into his car and took her for a ride,” Metcalf said Wednesday. “But Uhdelle is highly motivated by food and toys. He may have thrown some food or a toy into his car, which was how he got her in.”

Uhdelle was buried at Timber Ridge Farm.

Anyone who has information about the case is encouraged to contact the Saco Police Department at 282-8216, the Buxton Police Department at 929-5151, or Metcalf at 602-8521.

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